Some people may be wondering what do website designers do. In a simple way, the website designer job is designing a website page or creating a website design. But technically, a web designer is not only doodling an interface with a free software.

Formulating The Website Concept

The basic concept of what do website designers do is formulating a web system and display based on the associated data. The extent and the depth of data depend on the designer’s explorations. The more specific the data, the web design will be more right on the target and get fit with the targeted visitors.

Creating Website Wireframe

What do website designers do is before creating thumbnails or web interface design sketches, a web designer should create the wireframe in advance. The wireframe function is to facilitate work process when creating web pages. Because it will be the guide and control the arrangement of elements for the sake of elements and features. This wireframe can be made manually using a pencil and a sketch paper, or else using another relevant software. The amount of the pages depends on the variations of the website look. Some of the repeating pages can be represented by a single wireframe.

Visualize The Layout

Once after the wireframe finished, a web designer continue to visualization layout in the form of the thumbnail, a picture form that can be seen as a ready-made website. All the design elements should already look exactly like a real web page, no longer in the form of a silhouette consist of sample text and colour. Which only need one page that represent the same display design.

Creating The Web Page

The next step of what do website designers do is, after completing the thumbnail layout, continued with creating the real web pages. Convert the picture into a script. Because the web pages can only be made with a script or a programming language. The pictures are only the supporting media or the web pages decoration.

Beautify The Website Display

After the completion of all the elements, web designers have to design interesting looks for the website. Composing the colours, the type and the size of the fonts and also the text layout. A web designer needs to master a programming language such as CSS. Because every mode that needs to be displayed is arranged automatically by CSS script. Then, a web designer has to add some features and other effects such as motion pictures or text. After that, add logo image, button, or banner header. In simple words, what do website designers do is design the website so that it became an artistic website.

Run A Feasibility Test

Before the launching of the website, some aspects need to be checked first. Such as the HTML script writing, the page loading time, and the last stage of what do website designers do is check whether the website is supportive for the mobile version.

The list of what do website designers do above could help you to know more about the website designing.