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Characteristics of a Good Web Designer


A web designer who has good quality is hard to find. There is so many of them today, what more with the increasingly crowded web industry.

Take your time to read the following article so that you are not wrong in finding a web designer. Because some of them are quite professional in their field but very many are also amateur and less responsible.

There are several qualities that must be owned by a web designer, here we summarize for you.

Good Web Designer must be a Good Listener

A good web designer is an absolute must be a good listener. So he can understand what your needs are and consider what he should give. This is in order to fulfill your wishes in a website design.

Consider Your Ideas

Many selfish web designers, he just focus on what he wants to do to your website. They do not care what you want about the website you want to create. The web designer does have the knowledge of what he will make. But he should also consider what his clients desire.

Proficient in Communication

In addition should be a listener, A good designer should be able to communicate well as well. He should be able to explain the terminology about the website in the language you do with him. A competent web designer will make it easier to work with you.

Have Knowledge of Technology

If you want to test the ability or knowledge, then the test is about web technology. He should be familiar with the tools he uses in making a website.

A web designer must understand HTML, CSS graphics problems, layout design, media issues, browser compatibility, and other web related issues.

Has Terminology Usage

A web designer is not only familiar with technology. But he must also understand how to use the technology.

For example is currently rampant the term “Responsive Web Design”. He probably knows theoretically, but is he able to use it? Has he ever made it? Please see how he uses the technology. You can find out by looking at a portfolio or from an idea that he/she provides.

Keeping Business and Purpose Along

You certainly want your website to look good. A good web designer should also have a commitment to creating a design that has good quality as well. He must understand that what he makes will be/add his portfolio. By understanding it is usually a web designer will always provide the best for each job.

Save Your Time and Cost

Sometimes a web designer just thinks how to make him earn a lot from you. So be careful with web designers who ask for a workmanship that is too long or too fast. What else if you pay per hour or per day. We recommend that you specify how long the target and cost you will spend before starting the job. A good web designer will not spend your time and will not be in a hurry too. Because rush can make the result so not maximal.

Has a Recommendation/Big Name

If he is recommended by many others he is certainly a qualified person. So try to see his experience in cyberspace. With activity in social media or in group/forum. If he often provides solutions to questions in the group there is a possibility he has the ability that you can count on.

Hope this can be your reference to choosing a web designer.