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Website designs sometimes attract more people to visit your website. But actually, how to design a website in a simple way? To reduce the production cost to hire a professional website designer, a beginner tends to create their own website. Designing website could be complicated, but it would not be too hard if you try to design a website following these trick below

Sketch and Wireframe The Website

Before designing a website, it would be better if you make a sketch about what kind of website you would like to create. Sketch or wireframe is useful to be the reference how to design a website. You could also explain it to some other people whether they could comprehend the website flow and to get their feedback. The raw sketch could be done on free-hand or computerized.

Visualize The Design

Making the sketch into reality is the following step how to design a website. You will need some software application for image processing.  With those software you could explore more designs or colours for your website. You could apply pictures or colours that suitable for your website theme.


Website design process surely passes the stage of bugs and errors. Coding can be done through some software website makers that are already available. This coding can use HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax and PHP. This is what makes the website design can interact with the visitors and it can provide a form to fill out your name and email address.

Browser Customization

Another tip on how to design a website for beginners is to customize your website’s look with some browsers. Each browser has different settings of the page views of the website. Readjust the codings that you use so that the look of your website designs looks perfect in many different types of browser. You could make a different CSS file for all kind of browser. So later if there is a script that detects the browser type, then the browser-enabled CSS that tended to display your website would be good in any kind of browser.